Flower Headband

This is so adorable!

Wild Turkey Crochet Pattern

OMG This is so adorable!!!!  I wanna make something similar.

Crochet/Knit Flower Headband Earwarmer

One of my friends received a similar headband as a gift and I decided to go searching for the pattern… here it is.  I absolutely love it and am going to buy and start making a few.


Waiting for Santa….


Waiting for Santa….

It has been too long

I have been so busy with life and work that I haven’t had time to post. I am off from work starting Wednesday and will post some new items I have been working on.

Baby Blanket and Bracelet

So, I have been busy with work and trying to work on some new items.  I really have to start going to shows and selling my stuff, because I have all these finished items and I am running out of room. 

I am currently working on a “random” baby blanket, wanted to try out a new stitch and had some yarn that was really pretty and perfect for baby stuff.


Me newest bracelet is also done… one more of the coral designs, but this time in various shades of white (clear, AB coloring, silver lined, matte, and cut white glass seed beads in size 15)


I am also working on some other items, which I haven’t had a chance to photograph, but will do so soon.

Swirl Scarf

I love this scarf design!

This yarn is beautiful and would probably make a beautiful shawl.

"This was one of my favorite bags to design. A little motif works really does go far. I love that it doesn’t ‘need’ to be lined, the small items in the bag usually drop to the bottom anyway and the big items will not fall out of the holes. I h"

Flower Burst Handbag {Free Pattern}

Mitma the Alien (and Kushku)

Found this completely by accident today… how cute is this?